Garbage never sounded so good!

Yesterday was my dear friend Maurizio’s birthday. He is an all-round artist, a percussionist, a singer, a composer, a performer but above all he is a very special person. Maurizio has long been a musician but emerged to a wider audience when he started playing with the garbage.

Yes, you got it, he builds instruments made of everyday objects collected in landfills, which too often, especially in Napoli (Naples) where Maurizio is based, you can find in the streets. His music is energetic and unmistakable. The lyrics always contain a call-to-action toward environmental awareness, sustainability, green energy and recycling issues and minimizing our footprint on planet Earth. Maurizio and his group of musicians, Capone Bungt Bangt, are often touring schools to educate the younger generation to become aware of the importance of reuse, creativity and enthusiasm.

If you want to find out more, I strongly recommend to go check his website

and check out also his fb page